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Universities of Canada’s Journey

This video only shows half the story. There is much more depth to the History of the Universities of Canada in Egypt!


H.E. Minister Khaled Abdel Ghaffar's Visit

The Universities of Canada's founders were the first to believe in the government's vision of hosting international universities in Egypt.


Ask UPEI's Graduating Class of 2022

We know because we've seen it happen over & over again. Students come to UPEI Cairo Campus with eyes set on the dream and a hand ready to be held for guidance.


Dr. Kim Critchley: A Word About UPEI Cairo Campus

Students will not be confined to national borders.UPEI Cairo Campus offers you an education that guarantees local & global opportunities.


Universities of Canada| June 18th Open House

The Universities of Canada’s Open House is here to inspire you. We offer a wide variety of programs to get your skills up to date and help you pursue the ideal career.


Ryerson University Inauguration Event

An unforgettable inauguration event that still reverberates in our community. On February 22nd, the Universities of Canada in Egypt unlocked its latest gateway to a one-of-a-kind Canadian Education, Ryerson Cairo Campus.


UofCanada| Dr Magdy's Interview with DMC

Check out Dr. Magdy ElKady, Chair of Board, Universities of Canada in Egypt, interview at Masaa DMC show with the television Host, Jasmine Taha.


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