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Student Wellness

About Us

The Student Wellness Unit (SWU) offers students a safe environment to deal with psychological, emotional, behavioral as well as cognitive problems. It ensures a safe space with its strict privacy and confidentiality policies. Additionally, the SWU works to raise awareness of mental health issues, certain disabilities, and cognitive problems amongst the students to help educate community members to better understand and empathize with students experiencing difficulties. Students who need academic accommodations can approach the office for the necessary support for their academic success.

Confidentiality Note

All cases are completely confidential. The staff at the SWU take the student privacy and right to confidentiality extremely seriously. The office does not discuss a student’s case with anyone without first clearing through the students.

A student must sign confidentiality agreement form. Prior to providing any of the services.


Counselling Services

The counseling services aim to assist students with any psychological, emotional, intellectual, and social problems. Additionally, we help students improve their self-awareness skills, define goals, and resolve challenges.

The counselors offer free one-to-one guidance sessions for students within a safe, friendly, confidential, and non-judgmental environment.

The counseling services are available to all students seeking help with any psychological problems, personal challenges, and/or concerns. Personal counseling covers psychotherapy for medical, mental, and personal issues, including but not limited to:

  • Depression
  • ADHD
  • Anxiety
  • Bullying
  • Self-esteem
  • Self-harm
  • Family, relationship, and interpersonal issues
  • Trauma

The counseling service is free of charge and available year-round during weekdays from 8:30 am to 4 pm.

Appointment requests are taken either:

  1. Via email (studentwellness@uofcanada.edu.eg) or,
  2. Via online booking system or,
  3. In-person at Room A102 and cubicle B, building A, ground floor.

Students are encouraged to fill in an intake form and sign a confidentiality agreement form before booking an appointment.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the SWU extended the counseling service online via Microsoft Teams or Zoom. Online sessions are available throughout the year.

Student Disability / Academic Accommodation
Student Disability / Academic Accommodation
Student Wellness

Student Disability / Academic Accommodation

The SWU offers reasonable academic accommodation for any qualified student with a disability with the aim of providing equal access to programs and facilities.

The SWU defines “disability” as a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits a major life activity, such as caring for oneself, performing manual tasks, learning, reading, thinking, concentrating, communicating, and working, or other activities as required.

All information about a student’s disability is kept confidential according to the university’s policy. However, the University needs sufficient information to reasonably evaluate and respond to a student’s request for accommodation and may share the information with staff and faculty members who will be accommodating the student’s case.

Students with disabilities are required to submit the Academic Accommodations Form along with adequate documentation proving the disability and/or a psychoeducational report to the SWU either:

  1. Via email (studentwellness@uofcanada.edu.eg) or,
  2. Via online booking system or,
  3. In-person at Room A102 and cubicle B, building A, ground floor.

Once a student request for accommodation is submitted, the SWU works with each student to determine a reasonable accommodation plan that would fit his/her needs, will communicate the approved required accommodations to faculty members every semester.

To allow for adequate accommodations, it is the student's responsibility to request accommodations as early as possible in the semester, preferably prior to the academic term.

The available disability academic accommodations for an approved case include but are not limited to the following: 

  • An adaptation to a component of a program, or alternative forms of evaluation (assigning a term paper instead of an oral presentation to a student with a speech impairment or autism)
  • Support for examinations including extra time
  • Distraction-reduced environment
  • Adjustments to lighting.
  • Special seating or accessible tables
  • Use of audio and/or visual recording of lectures
  • Use of oral interpreters, and/or note-takers in the classroom
  • Use of assistive technology in the classroom/laboratory/field
  • Visual enhancements, such as magnified materials and textbooks 
  • Verbal descriptions of visual aids and tactile models of graphic materials   


All campus is accessible by wheelchair, there are working elevators, ramps, and parking spaces for those who need them.

Appointment requests are taken either:

  1. Via email (studentwellness@uofcanada.edu.eg) or,
  2. Via online booking system or,
  3. In-person at Room A102 and cubicle B, building A, ground floor.

Students must fill in the Academic accommodations form prior to requesting an appointment.

Student Wellbeing

The SWU strives to help students deal with day-to-day challenges and healthy coping mechanisms by holding workshops, events, sessions, and providing a safe platform to express themselves on unique mental health-related topics. In addition, they raise awareness across the campus about the different mental health issues and how to deal with them and the students whom may be unable to cope due to these issues.

The SWU offers workshops for students and faculty as psycho-education sessions on vital and useful topics that would help the community better adopt a more holistic healthy lifestyle, deal with day-to-day challenges and healthy coping mechanisms. 

The De-Stress Week event is designed and organized by the SWU to relieve students during exam season. The event takes place during exam week with fun stress-relieving activities like art therapy sessions, beaded bracelets, coloring mandalas, pet a puppy for therapy, and many other activities. 

The Psychology Pal Program is designed to bridge the chasm between the SWU and the student body. To empower students and ease the process of direct feedback on student life on campus and common mental health problems. 

The SWU organizes information sessions for faculty to help ensure that members of the Universities of Canada community are aware of different mental health issues and learning disabilities.

It is a journal prepared by the students and guided through the department to raise awareness about different mental health issues and a platform for students to express and share their thoughts, feelings, and experiences through writings and art. It is a venue to express themselves in a positive and healthy manner. Each issue they select a different topic about mental health to be the theme of the month.

Egyptian Suicide Hotline Number

In case of emergency, please seek help by contacting the

Egyptian Suicide Hotline

(Suicide phone number: 08008880700 / 0220816831)

Contact Us

Location: Building A, room A102.

Operating Hours: 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM

Email: studentwellness@UofCanada.edu.eg

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