Universities of Canada in Egypt

Student Wellness Unit

About Us

The Student Wellness Unit (SWU) offers students a safe environment to deal with psychological, emotional, behavioral as well as cognitive problems. It ensures a safe space with its strict privacy and confidentiality policies. Additionally, the SWU works to raise awareness of mental health issues, certain disabilities, and cognitive problems amongst the students to help educate members of the community to better understand and empathize with students experiencing difficulties 


Counselling Services

Student Disability / Academic Accommodation

Confidentiality Note

All cases are completely confidential.

Student Wellbeing

About Us

As a wellness unit, we strive to help students deal with day-to-day challenges and healthy coping mechanisms by holding workshops. Lastly, the SWU gives students a safe platform to express themselves on unique mental health-related topics. 

Egyptian Suicide Hotline Number

In case of emergency, please seek help by contacting the

Egyptian Suicide Hotline

(Suicide phone number: 08008880700 / 0220816831)

Contact Us

The Student Wellness Center is located in Building A, room A102.

Email: studentwellness@UofCanada.edu.eg