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UPEI Cairo Campus


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Student Life

The Student Life Department is dedicated to creating a vibrant campus that offers co-curricular activities all year round. The department aims to develop students to become responsible citizens through various student-run and university-led programs. 

Developmental Programs

The Student Ambassadors Program is dedicated to students representing Universities of Canada who interact with distinguished guests, on and off-campus. Student Ambassadors are trained to acquire the necessary knowledge and tools to adopt a professional mindset and present the university's spirit and values. Our ambassadors play a significant role during events, conferences, orientations, campus tours, and more. 

UofCanada seeks enthusiastic students to act and serve as International Peer Leaders for incoming international students to foster a sense of belonging and community for all students who are new to Egypt.  

The English Volunteer Program aims to help our staff at UofCanada learn and improve their spoken English through innovative delivery methods and interactive courses. In an effort to give back to our community, this program delivers the necessary knowledge to our staff to bridge any communication gaps and create a cohesive working environment. 

​The First-Year Experience (FYE) is designed to welcome new students and foster a successful undergraduate experience. To support your transition, FYE will help students foster a successful undergraduate experience and receive the support needed to achieve their goals, build a community and discover opportunities that will better their personal and professional development. 

Student Union​

The Student Union (SU) is a student-led association designed to empower students and build a community that supports their rights and responsibilities on campus and promotes collaboration and engagement within the community. UofCanada's SU is an inclusive platform where the students' voices are heard and advocate on behalf of all students on campus.

Clubs & Societies

At UofCanada, we have something for everyone! There is a way for our students to get involved and feel connected with the wide range of clubs and societies offered on campus. Join one of our many clubs to develop your professional and personal network and acquire new skills. If you feel like something is missing, we encourage all our students to start their own clubs on campus!

Student Services

All lockers are located on campus. Students must abide by the rules stated in the Form to be able to use the lockers. 

UofCanada's campus is equipped with study rooms designed for collaborative study and all academic needs. Located in Building B on the second and third floors, there are 7 study rooms equipped with wireless connectivity and working spaces that fit individual and group study needs. 

The Game Room is located in the Food Court area and is designed to provide students with a space to destress with interactive games such as pool and table tennis. For those who enjoy expressing themselves artistically, we encourage students to hang their drawings on the wall and share them with the community. 

The Food Court is a large area of about 2000 sqm with an indoor and outdoor area. We offer various food vendors to meet all dietary needs and preferences.

Contact Us

  • Location: The Student Development Office, Building A, Room A102
  • Working hours: Sunday – Thursday, 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
  • Email: CampusLife@uofcanada.edu.eg

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