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UofCanada provides its students who live at the university residences with a secured environment conductive to active learning, personal growth, and integration. Living in the student residences enhances the ability to collaborate, network, and work together with peers from diversified backgrounds and nationalities. Through interactive events and activities, we help students to adapt to their new environment and build a sense of community inside the residences’ premises.


All living spaces/rooms are located inside apartments. Each apartment has 3 to 4 rooms, divided between single and double room options. It also includes a private or shared bathroom.

Students interested in residing at the Universities of Canada in Egypt’ Student Residences should follow the below steps:

1- Apply once you have your letter of offer to the Universities of Canada in Egypt, the earlier, the better.
2- Provide a copy of your offer with a proof of payment of your tuition deposit to student.residence@uofcanada.edu.eg
3- Complete both the housing application form and parental release/emergency form.
4- Scan the completed forms and send them to student.residence@uofcanada.edu.eg
5- Pay the Student Residences down payment of 50% of the entire dorms fee and provide a proof of payment to student.residence@uofcanada.edu.eg Please follow this link to see the different payment methods.
6- Upon receipt of the above items, you will be assigned a room based upon first-come, first-served basis.
7- All residence fees must be paid within the first week of classes.

For further information on the Student Residences Rights and Responsibilities, please click here

Room option fees per semester:

Room Type

Egyptian (2024-2025)

Non-Egyptian (2024-2025)

Single room with bathroom

EGP 37,000.00


Single room without bathroom

EGP 30,000.00


Double room without bathroom

EGP 26,500.00



  1. Deposit represents 50% from semester for buses and dorms.
  2. The student who use bus and dorm obtain 25% discount from bus fees.

Note: For 2023-2024 fees, kindly refer back to finance department.

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