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UPEI Cairo Campus


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Airport Pickup

UofCanada offers airport pickup for international students who are coming to study at UofCanada’s hosted universities: the University of Prince Edward Island and Toronto Metropolitan University.

To book for a bus to pick you up from the Cairo International Airport, please fill out this form.

Bus Transportation

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  1. Deposit represents 50% from semester for buses and dorms.
  2. The student who use bus and dorm obtain 25% discount from bus fees.

Universities of Canada offers bus transportation to students that will pick them up from their dorms and drop them off on campus and vice versa. Buses typically leave from campus at 1:30 pm (arrive on campus at 1 pm) and at 4:30 pm from Sundays to Wednesdays and at 4:15 on Thursdays (arrive on campus at 4:15 pm/4:00 pm on Thursdays).

Once you pay the bus fee, you will receive information directly to your student email account about which buses to ride and where the checkpoint is to be picked up. Students residing in the dorms receive a 25% discount on their bus fees. To know more about the bus fee based on your area of residence, you can find it here.

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