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Unleash Your Entrepreneurial Spirit with EC Launchpad powered by DMZ!

Get ready to unlock your entrepreneurial potential with the Entrepreneurship Center’s groundbreaking Launchpad program powered by DMZ! Designed to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs in Egypt, this free online course is your ticket to kickstart your business growth journey.


In partnership with the DMZ, the Entrepreneurship Center at UofCanada proudly presents the all-new EC Launchpad—an on-demand digital learning platform designed to fuel the ambitions of aspiring early-stage entrepreneurs and nurture the next wave of tech business leaders. 


With EC Launchpad powered by the DMZ, you’ll gain the essential skills and knowledge to navigate the crucial early stages of business growth. This unique platform offers expert-curated content in a convenient, self-paced format—because we understand the needs of busy entrepreneurs like you! 


Say goodbye to the steep learning curve! EC Launchpad provides easy and unlimited access to engaging videos and course materials that cover everything from startup idea formation and leadership development to market research, SMART goals, pitching to investors, and more. The fourteen chapters are packed with valuable insights to help you build a strong business foundation. 


Dr. Hadia Hamdy, VP of Strategic Initiatives & Academic Development at UofCanada, emphasized the importance of equipping the next generation of Egyptian leaders in tech with solid entrepreneurship foundations. With Launchpad as a stepping stone, we’re excited to expand our offerings and support our startup community. Together, we can shape a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem! 


But that’s not all! As a Launchpad graduate, you’ll enjoy unique benefits through the Entrepreneurship Center (EC), powered by UofCanada—a hub for young founders. These include a digital certificate of completion, access to exclusive community events with fellow graduates, and continuous mentoring support from EC by UofCanada. We’re building bridges between Egyptian and Canadian entrepreneurs to foster collaboration and growth! 


Ready to kickstart your entrepreneurial journey? Become an EC Launchpad member today by signing up for FREE at dmz.to/EClaunchpad. Let’s embark on this exciting adventure together! 

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