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UPEI Winter 2023 Admission

UPEI Cairo Campus Winter 2023 Admission Is Now Open

UPEI Cairo Campus, hosted by the Universities of Canada in Egypt, has begun accepting applications for the Winter 2023 Semester!

After having our first graduating class, a new scholarship has been put in place. In celebration of the class of 2022, UPEI Cairo Campus will be offering a reduction on tuition of up to 1,080 USD for the full 4 academic years of study at UPEI Cairo Campus. No need to wait until the fall, you can explore the various revolutionary areas of study hosted as early as today. 

The areas of study offered by UPEI Cairo Campus are under three distinctive schools currently available; The Program of Sustainable Design Engineering, The Program of Business (Entrepreneurship), and The Program of Mathematics Computational Sciences. Each respective school provides our students with access to advanced and ultramodern facilities and education. Studying at UPEI Cairo Campus means you will be receiving a high-quality, Canadian education as well as the opportunity to both study and start your life abroad in Canada. 

In the Program of Sustainable Design Engineering, students can major under the given focus areas Mechatronics, Sustainable Energy, and Bioresources. Our sustainable design engineering is future-driven and prioritizes innovation, our program of Sustainable Design Engineering is future-driven and prioritizes innovation through experiential learning obtained within non-traditional learning spaces, labs, and project-based curriculum. 

The Program of Mathematics and Computational Sciences, the areas of focus provided are Video Game Development, Data Analytics, and Business analytics. With emphasis placed on sustainable technological careers, students are learning all about skills that contribute towards the ever-progressing technology-based world we live in. 

Studying in The Program of Business (Entrepreneurship) grants you the ability to specialize in one of the following majors; Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Marketing, and Organizational Management. Students enrolled under this program dive right into learning the skills behind having the mindset of success and learn how to navigate through the entrepreneurial process via multiple different instances of firsthand experience. 

Students at UPEI Cairo Campus don’t merely study the theoretical, but they get to apply all that they have learned through hands-on, practical means. Being a UPEI Cairo Campus student means getting to apply your knowledge in an environment that will help nurture your abilities and provide you with everything you need to reach your goals both as a student and in the workforce. The community on campus prioritizes making connections, teamwork, effective communication and promotes a wide range of career paths. 

Apply for the Winter 2023 Semester now until January 25th, 2023! 

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