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Techne Summit 2022

Techne Summit 2022

Our aspiring entrepreneurs attended Techne Summit!

As part of the immersion experience in the Egyptian startup ecosystem, our aspiring entrepreneurs in the Launchpad program at the Entrepreneurship Center powered by UofCanada attended the kick-off at Techne Summit in Alexandria along with fellow UofCanada students!

Upon arrival at Techne Summit, students headed to their first session, “Fueling Today’s Ecosystem: A Word Class Catalyst for Startups,” moderated by Tarek El-Kady, Founder and CEO of Techne and, founder and chairman of the Mediterranean Business Angel Investment network, and guest speaker David S. Rose, a serial Entrepreneur and the godfather of angel investment in New York.

Students had the opportunity to network and meet with fellow entrepreneurs attending the summit. They later joined the panel discussion “Business Incubator vs. Startup Accelerator: What Your Career Needs” and listened to some of the key players of the ecosystem. The panel was moderated by Nayra El Berry, head of programs at The Cairo Angels, Menna Rabie, Program Director at the DMZ Cairo incubator, Yasmine Nagaty, Acceleration manager at AUC Venture Lab, Karima El Hakim, Country Director at Plug and Play Tech Centre, Mohamed Abbas, Associate Director and Head of Business Incubators at Nilepreneurs and last but not least, Hassan Mansi, Head of Ecosystem programs at Flat6labs. They got to share insights about the entrepreneurial ecosystem and the personalized incubation experience offered at the DMZ Cairo along with other incubators and accelerators.

Attending entrepreneurial summits is key in the entrepreneurial journey of our aspiring founders to meet fellow entrepreneurs and, most importantly, expand their network!

What’s coming next? RiseUp is our next destination!

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