The Know-how Business Workshop

The Know-how Business Workshop: From Ideation to Execution

Did it ever occur to you what it’s really like to be an entrepreneur? What are the processes they must go through or the challenges they face?

The Know-how workshop, conducted by Dr. Nesma Ammar and Dr. Salma Nader, Assistant Professors in the Program of Business (Entrepreneurship), dives deeply into Entrepreneurship. It was made for prospective students to go through the basic business & entrepreneurship concepts.

The workshop started by giving the students advice on how to thrive during their time at UPEI Cairo Campus. This session was led by our alumna, Yara Sayed. We were also happy to have one of our transfer students, Farida Shaker, talk to the prospective students about transferring to UPEI Charlottetown. She spoke about her experience and went into detail about all the required information needed to be able to move to UPEI Charlottetown. 

Afterwards, we started introducing students to the entrepreneurial mindset. During the discussion, two words were used to describe entrepreneurship: passion and frustration. What do these two feelings have in common? They can lead to a fantastic business idea. Being passionate about your work is key to a great business idea. Also, being frustrated with a market gap can inspire you to solve the problem, leading to a business idea. 

Throughout the workshop, prospective students learned how to develop a unique product/service and executed a one-minute pitch about the idea they came up with. All their fantastic ideas truly inspired us. 

The day ended with a competition where they were asked to build the highest tower possible using the materials they were given. The purpose of this competition was to guide them through the design process, which included critical thinking, group work, prototyping, and iteration.

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