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Happening on Campus - October Edition

Happening on Campus - October Edition

This October was the busiest we’ve had thus far with a welcome party, student activities, club events, and much more to cover.

What an eventful month it has been. We kicked off October by celebrating world mental health day! To give this day the importance it deserves, our Student Wellness Center held its first workshop for the semester. This session addresses the importance of knowing yourself and how that contributes to managing stress.

That’s not all. We were also honored to have the International Coaching Federation give both an information session and one-on-one coaching for both students and staff. These sessions allowed our community to learn about self-awareness, their strengths and characteristics, and how these contribute to helping them discover the right career path. It’s never too early or too late to start thinking about your future.  

Is painting a skill you’ve wanted to explore, or is it maybe a hobby of yours? Our Student Union hosted its first Sip, Paint & Sing Along event. Colorful canvases and expressions lit up the campus. Listening to live music and getting creative is a fantastic way to enjoy yourself and loosen up.

It is essential to recognize our students’ achievements. We celebrated our Student Union 2021/22 members and student interns. Our Student Union 2021/22 members received certificates that signify their ambitions were memorable, not just for us as a community, but for themselves and their future successes. Our student interns received certificates recognizing their efforts to explore their career paths and gain work experience all the while effectively balancing their academic workloads no less.

An important aspect of supporting our students in pursuing their passion and finding the right career path is communicating effectively. We were honored to have held a workshop in collaboration with HiRED HR, in which our students got to experience firsthand the different communication methods and how to deliver a message effectively.

Near the end of the month, we held the long-anticipated event, the Class of 2026 Welcome Party. The Class of 2026 Welcome Party consisted of nothing but ecstatic vibes and unreal energy! Afroto’s exceptional presence and energetic performance made for such a lively crowd. This event will be talked about for years to come.

Who doesn’t enjoy a weekend getaway to Fayoum? Our Student Union organized the 2022-2023 academic year’s first trip for all camping lovers. Students got to go sandboarding and cruise around the Magic Lake during this heartwarming trip, but most importantly, they got to bond through the many activities they did together!   

We wrapped up our month with an insightful wellness workshop from Hanya Ashraf, a counseling psychologist from O7 Therapy. In our wellness workshop, we had the pleasure of hearing our counseling psychologist for the day talk about how boundaries contribute to healthy relationships. Not only that, but O7 Therapy also held activities and gave giveaways across campus as well. An amazing way to end the month of October.   

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