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International Coaching Federation x UofCanada 2022

The International Coaching Federation Egypt Providing On-Site Coaching for Students and Staff

The Universities of Canada in Egypt hosted the ICF Egypt Organization on-campus

Cairo, October 24th, 2022 — The ICF is globally renowned for its phenomenal comprehension and implementation of the advanced coaching profession. They are a non-profit organization comprised of professionals from around the globe who practice, research, or teach coaching. One of the services they provide is one-on-one coaching to help individuals pursue suitable and sustainable career paths.

We had the pleasure of hosting such an esteemed organization on campus to help our students and staff with their career development. A big part of being in the workforce is not only knowing what industry you want to work in, but also knowing how you’re doing now contributes to your career path.


The Egypt Chapter of ICF sat with the UofCanada staff and students in a very insightful information session explaining what coaching is and is not and how coaching techniques can be implemented into everyday life for a more successful and worthwhile mentality. From the perspective of our students, coaching sessions were provided with the objective of being able to help students familiarize themselves with themselves. Increasing a sense of self-awareness serves as a way to better understand yourself, your strengths and your weaknesses. With a better understanding of such, you can start to comprehend what jobs would be both enjoyable for you and something you would excel in. For our staff, the ICF Coaches provided sessions for those who have already set foot in developing their careers but either want to attain a stronger sense of association with their career path or enhance their management skills. 


The takeaways that our community gained from the ICF Egypt Chapter’s visit were how much self-awareness plays a role in being successful in all parts of life. Moreover, everyone was able to grasp what coaching is and how it may help those who need guidance. Whether you are a student or you have already had previous experience in the workforce, coaching is something that proves beneficial to figure out what it is that’s keeping you from feeling fulfilled in your work and helps to clear up confusion for those who are yet to start their journey in being employed.  

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