Kick-Start 2022

Kick-start 2022 Training Program Here at Universities of Canada in Egypt

Accepted UofCanada applicants attended sessions and workshops to learn about and improve their soft training skills, job market skills, and beneficial career development skills during a comprehensive 3-day program.

The Universities of Canada in Egypt hosted the Kick-start Program on campus this very week! This comprehensive training program offered a variety of sessions and engaging workshops for our freshmen prior to the start of the Fall 2022 Semester. As a head start for our students to improve their skills and abilities, Kick-start 2022 provided them with the chance to learn about and grasp crucial qualities such as presentation skills, how to work in teams, business etiquette, and so much more. To help with both academic and corporate success in the long-run, participants were granted the chance to network and engage with esteemed faculty members, alumni, and former student body presidents. On the first day, our students attended sessions held by our very own Interim Associate Dean for the faculty of Entrepreneurship and Assistant Professor for the program of Entrepreneurship, Dr. Nesma Ammar and Dr. Mona Kamel. These sessions revolved around the importance of having proper presentation skills and how to speak in public, as well as how to be able to perform when given group tasks. Success is heavily reliant on the ways in which we present ourselves to our co-workers, which brings us to the addressed topics on day two of Kick-start 2022.

The second day kicked off on a high note with our Student Development Senior Manager, Rana ElHarty, leading a captivating discussion on how business etiquette plays a critical role in further enhancing the way one carries themselves. Students learned about how to dress, workplace ethics, workplace communication, and what it means to be professional. As a workshop, participants were asked to work in groups to give a presentation regarding how business etiquette may be perceived in different regions around the world and how different standards for work ethics may differ.

Additionally, students had the opportunity to learn about university life. Former Student Union Presidents and Alumni expressed a lot of the valuable lessons that they had learned while on campus thus far. Topics such as how to navigate a prosperous academic life, what it means to implement an effective work-life balance, and the benefits of taking the initiative and chasing opportunities.

Finally, students learned what it means to have an effective CV, as was explained by our Career Services Officer, Ahmed Sami. Knowing how to write a CV further complements the notion of learning how to carry yourself. Through this talk, first-year students enhanced their understanding of CV writing and how an effective CV will help with higher acceptance rates when applying for jobs.

To wrap up the event, students needed to grasp how this information is shown in different faculties on campus on day 3. Each talk on this day was given by 6 UPEI Cairo Campus faculty and our Associate Dean for the Program of Computer Science & Mathematics. Each faculty member is enthused about what they do in their respective positions, what each department covers in the university, and how business skills and etiquette play a role in their respective departments. This gave our students the chance to meet their professors and associate deans and better explore their interests prior to the official start of the 2022-2023 academic year.

With the skills taught throughout training, the Universities of Canada has offered its training participants secured positions for internship opportunities on campus for this program’s high achievers! Having networked, gained experience through workshops and sessions, and been exposed to such a comprehensive learning environment, we are confident our students have a running start in their career development.