FinYology Competition Sponsored by CIB

Our Students Won The FinYology Competition!

Our students won the FinYology Competition, conducted at UofCanada organized by the Egyptian Banking Institute, and sponsored by CIB!


The competition encourages students to come up with ideas to help the Central Bank of Egypt develop new products and services that serve the CBE’s identified challenges. 


Our students chose to find a solution to increase customer satisfaction of Millennials who don’t like the long handling times of banks’ call centers.


The girls put together an online callback request form that customers can fill out to have a representative from the call center call them back. This form also comes in an audio format where customers can call customer service to request a call instead of waiting on hold. After the consumers request a call, they are informed via SMS when there’s only one person left before them.


From the team’s point of view, this solution results in many benefits for the bank. Some of these benefits include lower customer service agents’ headcount and thus lower costs when it comes to salaries. Moreover, as the number of agents decreases, the costs of office space, equipment, and training accordingly decrease.


As a reward for winning the competition, the girls were granted an internship at the Commercial International Bank (CIB). Our pride goes beyond words.


Join us in congratulating the lovely ladies behind it all, Amira AbuSalim, Hana Al Hussein, Mariam Farouk, Nour Drebi, and Shahed El Badry!