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June 18th Open House

June 18th marked the 1st Fall 2022 Open House at the Universities of Canada's Campus!

The Open House is the perfect way to meet prospective students interested in joining our hosted universities, UPEI Cairo Campus & Ryerson Cairo. During our Open House, we introduce students to our hosted universities, their programs, and the campus life. We also give them the opportunity to start their application on the spot if they’re ready!

At this Open House, we briefly spoke to the students about UofCanada, UPEI Cairo Campus, and Ryerson Cairo. They met UPEI Cairo Campus’ Provost, Dr. Kim Critchley, and received a welcome note from the Dean of The Creative School at Ryerson Toronto, Charles Falzon.

Afterwards, the students were taken to attend the session corresponding to their program of interest. From UPEI Cairo Campus’ side, the students met the Associate Dean of the Program of Entrepreneurship, Dr. Hadia Hamdy, and the Associate Dean of the Program of Computer Science & Mathematics.

New to this Open House, our alumni from the 1st graduating class from an IBC and the New Capital joined us to meet prospective students!

Computer Science graduates brought over their graduation project, the Interactive Movie using Virtual Reality, and helped prospective students put on the VR goggles to try the Interactive Movie for themselves. A graduate from the Program of Entrepreneurship was also present to talk to prospective students interested in Entrepreneurship, answer their questions, and talk to them about our Cooperative Education program.

In addition, faculty members from the Program of Sustainable Design Engineering were also present, answering all the students’ and parents’ questions.

On the other hand, students interested in Ryerson Cairo toured Ryerson Cairo’s facilities, such as the sewing lab, cage, and innovation studios. They met with representatives from The Creative School and the Faculty of Engineering & Architectural Science. They also met representatives from Ryerson Toronto online, who were more than happy to answer the prospective students’ inquiries. 

If you’re interested in attending the upcoming open house on
June 22nd, from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm, register now using this link to attend the
Open House and enjoy the free application!

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