Computer Science Graduation Project: Interactive Movie using Virtual Reality

Computer Science Graduation Project

Our 1st graduating seniors from an IBC are positioning themselves strongly in the market!

Last Thursday, June 2nd, our Computer Science & Mathematics Graduates’ final project presentation took place. Our students developed a mind-blowing Interactive Movie using Virtual Reality. The Interactive Movie places you inside a movie through VR goggles, where you become the main character, and your actions control the movie’s plot.


Unlike regular interactive cinema, the project uses game engines to control the story. It also mixes interactive virtual scenes or Mixed virtuality and film scenes shot by the students to enhance user engagement.


The interactive environment keeps the audience immersed in the story by giving them tasks to develop the plot. This creates a narrative-based scenery where the player can choose which direction the story can take and how it will end.


Our Graduates presented in front of a panel that consisted of three members. Those panel members were Dr. Ahmed Elsheikh, Associate Dean of the Program of Computer Science & Mathematics, and the internal examiner and moderator of the committee, Dr. Neveen Elsayed, Assistant Professor at the Program of Computer Science and Mathematics, and the project’s supervisor. Finally, the third member was Dr. Michael Gad, Associate Professor at the Program of Sustainable Design Engineering, who joined as the external examiner.


Our students hooked the attendees through an awe-inspiring presentation and had many people try the movie for themselves!

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